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Real Estate Statistics

Barrington, IL Quick Facts for Home Buyers and Sellers

Below are some of the latest real estate housing statistics for Barrington, IL provided by Kathy Pinkus, @properties. When considering the purchase of Barrington real estate, they feel it is important to have a brief overview of the area.

Barrington, IL Population & Quick Facts

PeopleBarrington, ILUnited States
Population 44,407 293,655,400
Population Density 618 80
Population Change 6.93% 5.88%
Median Age 42.2 37.6
Households 15,661 108,954,329
Household Size 2.77 2.6
Male Population 48.92% 48.65%
Female Population 51.08% 51.35%
Married Population 72.47% 58.89%
Single Population 27.53% 41.11%

Recent Home Sales Trend

Median Sold Price Trend in Barrington, IL

Barrington, IL Real Estate Housing Facts

HousingBarrington, ILUnited States
Median Home Age 26 27
Median Home Cost 525,000 $217,200
Home Appreciation 1.99% 9.80%
Homes Owned 89.40% 64.07%
Housing Vacant 3.05% 14.48%
Homes Rented 7.66% 21.45%
Property Tax Rate $19.86 $13.28

Important Note

The information is provided to give you a general overview of Barrington. All facts and figures were pulled from census data and is current as of 10-2007. It's important to verify all information with a qualified professional such as a Barrington Real Estate Agent. Never purchase real estate solely based on information presented on a Web site. If you are interested in speaking with a Qualified Real Estate Agent, please contact us.

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